Little Victories

I'll admit of the perks of starting Streamlined Living Colorado is that I will never again have to spend all day, every day in a stuffy, windowless office.  I love that I create my own schedule and that I can accommodate most activities with some advanced planning.  That being said, I've learned how much planning this whole being a business owner thing takes!  The less amount of daily structure there is, the more organized one has to be! 

The first several months of creating Streamlined consisted mainly of doing the front-end work.  It felt a little (A LOT) overwhelming at times (MOST OF THE TIME).  I'd get distracted easily because the tasks on my enormous to-do list were totally foreign to me (create a website?!), scary (lots of grownup decisions to be made--what if I made a wrong decision?) and never-ending (how would I ever get everything done?!).

To get a handle on things, I created a "Brain Dump" list that was everything, and I mean everything, that popped into my head that I felt I had to do for my business; even "categorize and prioritize Brain Dump" was on the list.  I did that on purpose, because, checking things off of a list meant I was making headway and thus achieving a goal.  And there is research confirming that checking things off a list releases dopamine which is a feel good hormone!   

Making lists, no matter what the list is for, is a key component of staying organized in your work and in your personal life. Lists are a way to see and track progress, reduce anxiety, prioritize time and of course, release that dopamine!

I still have and use this original Brain Dump list.  It is categorized and typed out with many, many more tasks handwritten on it, but I've also crossed off even more off the list.  Having this list reminds me that although I may sometimes feel overwhelmed being a business owner, I can see how far I've come and I can celebrate the little victories of checking another task off the "Brain Dump".  Because if I don't cross off the list, then who will?!