So, what's your niche?

I have to admit, this whole "being a small business owner" thing can be pretty stressful.  I knew it would be hard work, I knew it would be frustrating at times, but I also knew if I didn't do this now, I would find another stifling job in Corporate America and I'd never take this risk of creating a business doing something I honestly enjoy doing. 

But another thing I know is how to streamline spaces.  I know the benefits that I offer to my clients by clearing out the clutter and the chaos which is proven to contributes to mental focus and clarity.  I know I provide my clients with the gift of time by doing something they may not want to do or have the physical capability to do.  I know that I am good at this.  But as I continue to try and absorb business advice from seasoned small business owners, I am consistently asked "So, what's your niche?"

I found it.  It was yesterday when I was meeting with a business coach that I realized my niche. He asked me why I should be hired above other professional organizers.  And I kept going back to how I think it's really important to leave room to grow in the spaces I streamline.  What's the point in organizing spaces for a client if the end result is simply that the space is still packed to the gills but looks nicer?!  I want my clients to not only see the results of my hard work and effort but I want them to feel the results. I want my client to feel calmer in their newly organized space.  I want them to feel satisfaction in knowing where all of their "stuff" is because everything will have a place.  I want them to feel accomplished because whether they worked along side me or Streamlined Living worked alone in their space, it was the client's decision to start the movement of getting organized. 

So now when I'm asked "What's your niche?", I confidently reply that Streamlined Living will streamlined your space and leave you room to grow.