"Wow, you're good at this!"

Yesterday was a good day.  Yesterday was my second session with a new client.  She is getting back into the workforce after over a year of recovery following a serious car accident.  Her main goal was to get her home office area set up and organized since she will be taking some online classes as well as working from home.  Last week, she and I went through her paper files, essentially piece by piece, for 5 hours (FIVE HOURS!).  We actually had a fun time doing it as we chatted and got to know each other.  Together, we went through over 10 years of paper and reduced multiple bins and piles down to 2 drawers in her new file cabinet.

In yesterday's session, we wrapped up this space.  We moved some furniture to better fit the home office.  We cleaned out, de-cluttered and organized multiple drawers full of office supplies, repurposed many supplies she already had on hand and she made a short list of items she wants to purchase at Office Depot.  As I was arranging one of the 6 drawers we organized, she said, "You're good at this!”  Well, thank you!  

I LOVE helping my clients. This client and I worked together for a total of 8 hours, which was all the time we needed to really get her home office ready after that devastating accident.  By hiring a professional organizer to get her office set up, she made an investment in herself, in her education and in her career. Because after all, there is science behind having an uncluttered space and the ability to focus more clearly!  And now she has a space she's excited to work in as she starts this new chapter in her life :)