Do you get stressed this time of year??

I personally love the holiday season!  I am that (weird?) person that gets out my decorations and puts up the Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving.  I love the parties and festivities that come along with the season and I enjoy coming up with thoughtful gifts for family and friends.  This season also means we are constantly burning "evergreen" scented candles in our house!

I realize that not everyone enjoys this time of year the way I do.  To some, it's a particularly tough time of year for personal reasons of their own.  For others, there is just TOO MUCH to get done, so they are feeling stressed or too busy to actually enjoy this time of year.

That's where my small business comes in...maybe you didn't know that Streamlined offers Personal Concierge services in addition to Professional Organizing?!  What the heck does that mean, you ask?  That means, I can take away (or at least lessen) the stress that may come with this season.  As a Personal Concierge, I can run all of your errands, wrap all of your gifts, assist you in preparing for your party, wait in the never-ending line at the Post Office, seek out that obscure gift you've been searching for, pick up those items you have on hold at the store and address your many holiday cards.  Basically, I can give you TIME and ENERGY by taking on your to-do list. 

So, the next time you feel overwhelmed with everything you need to get done, call Streamlined Living and give yourself the gift of a stress free holiday season!