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Streamlined Living Colorado is outstanding! I am in the process getting my home ready for sale and needed someone to help me “de-clutter” and otherwise get organized. SLC was one of three recommendations from my RE broker. I decided to go with SLC after speaking with Meghan, the owner and was extremely happy with the choice. Meghan is super organized, prompt and extremely professional. She has great energy, novel ideas and is very patient and compassionate. I would highly recommend Meghan and SLC to anyone who is looking for someone to help them get organized (or re-organized)!
— Martha Ha, Denver
Moving a family of four was not easy especially when our new house had very little storage and we had very little time to unpack. We unpacked what was necessary and then put boxes and odds and ends in our closets and laundry room. I hated even opening the doors to each because every time I did I was blasted with a big clutter-filled mess. However, now that Streamlined Living has helped me it’s the opposite! They helped me de-clutter, organize, label and made everything easily accessible. They maximized space that I didn’t even know was possible and helped me unpack boxes and fit everything in a perfect spot. I highly recommend Streamlined - it was a perfect solution to help us enjoy our new house and appreciate our new spaces, especially when caught up in the day to day shuffle of life! They even took things we didn’t want to be donated/thrown out which was an added time saving bonus. Call them now, you will be psyched you did!
— The Rubinsky Family, Boulder
What a great facebook shout-out from a client!

What a great facebook shout-out from a client!

Meghan came into my home and transformed our all-purpose room to an organizational dream. Her skills really helped us decide things that are useful and worth keeping and part with items that no longer have a need. I would highly recommend her to help you declutter and organize your home or business.
— Robin Coolidge, Appleton
Streamlined Living helped my move to Colorado immensely! They had me unpacked and organized in ONE day. I would highly recommend their services to anyone!
— Tricia Sellinger, Denver
Most times when you are at the point of connecting someone to help you declutter.... things have gotten out of hand. That’s where I was when I reached out to Streamlined Living. Meghan approached the project of organizing my home office with utmost professionalism and I was thrilled with the end result. I’m not embarrassed when people enter my home & I’m already more productive working from home!
— Leslie MacRossie, Denver
Streamlined Living Colorado is exceptional! Meghan, the owner and organizer, is so professional, prompt, calm and she has amazing ideas. She is so encouraging and has so many solutions. I highly recommend them!
— Lisa Myers, Littleton
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Streamlined Living Colorado is amazing!!! I was downsizing from two houses to one and could not have done it without their help. They helped organize, be way more efficient than I could have ever done on my own, and helped sell the items I no longer needed. My items were sold quickly for top dollar and they were in constant communication with me every step of the way in the sale negotiation process. I would use them again in a heartbeat! Thank you!
— Karen Hill, Denver
Streamlined Living was a life saver! We just moved to Colorado from Boston and our life was packed away in boxes. With a nine month old, I was overwhelmed and didn’t have the time or energy to unpack the house and get organized. Meghan was exceptional in making the whole process seamless. She unpacked the house and helped me organized all of our drawers. She even put sticky notes on the drawers to help me remember where we put everything! Anything we wanted to get rid of, she donated for us, and provided us with the tax receipt. There is no question I will use Streamlined Living in the future to help me organize my growing family!
— Meghan Detrick, Westminster
Having Meghan organize my kitchen with me is the best Christmas gift I’ve ever received!
— Sue Rohan, Appleton
a rave review featured in solterra living march 2017 from my client gem swartz

a rave review featured in solterra living march 2017 from my client gem swartz

Do yourself a favor and call Streamlined Living CO if you live in a small space where every inch needs to be utilized to its full potential!

My husband and I recently moved to the Denver area and found ourselves living in a 700 square foot apartment. As we were moving in, we could tell that all of our things were not going to fit comfortably into our home.

Luckily we found Meghan to help us organize our life! Meghan came to our house for a in home consultation to assess our living space and come up with organizational solutions for our small home. She spent an hour with us discussing different ideas for our space and measuring most of our apartment’s under-utilized corners and open areas.

Within a few hours of leaving our house, Meghan sent us a extremely detailed and professional email containing several solutions/suggestions for thirteen different areas of our home that she thought we could utilize more effectively. These suggestions included space saving furniture, corner shelving possibilities, and solutions to hide the clutter in our entryway, pantry, etc. She even provided several different options with varying price points for each suggestion, which was extremely helpful!

We ended up purchasing a variation of almost all of the solutions/suggestions that Meghan sent us, and have been extremely happy with our apartment’s transition from cluttered mess to functional and comfortable home!!

Thanks so much Meghan! You are wonderful at what you do!
— Jessica Schultz, Denver
Meghan is amazing! She turned my chaotic kitchen countertops and overpacked pantry into my favorite areas of the house. I never imagined someone could not only help me get organized but work with me to figure out the systems that will help me stay organized. She even made a donation run and mailed me the receipt. And besides being great at what she does, she’s also fun and sweet. Thank you for your great work, Meghan!
— Jaime Resnik, Denver
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We are managing our household long distance, so we were especially relieved to find out about Meghan and Streamlined Living. We are using her concierge services. She picks up our mail, and acts as our eyes and ears when we are away. She efficiently had blinds installed for us arranging for the installer, and on the rare occasions we need to ask for last minute help, she has been wonderful about responding. More than anything, it is Meghan’s “can do” attitude that recommends her!
— The Gibson Household, Park City, UT & Denver, CO
Meghan works wonders! The impact of having an organized space really declutters your mind to unleash your creativity and free up your time! The gift that keeps on giving! I highly recommend Streamlined Living.
— Jaime Slade, Erie
As a busy working mom, my “to do” list keeps getting longer and time continues to dwindle. I found Streamlined Living and figured I would call to inquire about the variety of services offered as it seemed a little too good to be true. I couldn’t believe how cost effective and time efficient the whole process was! My priority was my garage. It has been cluttered since we moved in 4 years ago and we never knew where anything was. Streamlined Living has now helped me make great use of my space and provided useful tips throughout the process to assist me with continued maintenance. Meghan even helped me recycle the wood and paint left in my garage by the previous owners. I highly recommend Streamlined Living to get things knocked off your “to do” list. Super friendly, reliable and professional, I can’t wait for Meghan to help me with my basement!
— Wendy Donahue, Arvada